Listening Station > 4/12

From witchhouse to newgaze and dream pop, this listening station covers a wide range of genres in three distinctive songs. Check out tracks from CRIM3S, The Soft Moon and Belle Mare.
– CRIM3S – I’d let them play my next house party, especially with tracks like “Dose,” off their recently released EP Stay Ugly (April 2013). It starts off sounding like a straightforward rave track, but around the 49-second mark a big hip-hop beat and screeching Crystal Castles-reminiscent vocals kick in.
– The Soft Moon – “Tiny Spiders” is off The Soft Moon’s self-released debut LP, which was released in 2010 by Captured Tracks. From the first few seconds alone, you’ll quickly understand where the band’s musical inspiration spawns from: goth, post-punk, new wave.
– Belle Mare – The title track off Belle Mare’s recently released EP (April 2013), “The Boat of the Fragile Mind,” offers a nice contrast to the two tracks above. It’s hushed and dreamy with lots of reverb and minimal instrumentation. If you’re a fan of Cat Power, Mazzy Star or El Perro Del Mar (circa 2005), this is likely right up your alley.

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