Ethereal Electropop: White Blush Self-Titled Debut EP

Carol Rhyu White BlushWhite Blush is the name of artist Carol Rhyu’s LA-based electropop project, which offers a compelling mix of ambient dreamwave and electronica. Rhyu is self-admittedly a fan of artists like Grimes and Cocteau Twins, and this is evident in many moments on the EP. Vocals are diaphanous and reverb soaked, lyrics are obscured, and melodies float in a ghostly way over electronic thumps and programmed drums.
If you’re the type of music listener that doesn’t mind not being able to make out every lyric, you’ll enjoy Rhyu’s hushed, whispery vocal style. At times it feels like eavesdropping on private, intimate murmurings that aren’t meant for you to hear or understand. Rhyu’s time in film school is also apparent in the music. Cinematic tracks like “Jolene,” which was co-written with Daniel Finfer and features music by Eric Acosta, is a great example of this. Check it out below.

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