New Sub Pop Band METZ Bring The Noise in Their First LP

METZ’s self-titled debut LP is deliciously noisy. Its sound can be described by any number of adjectives for loud – raucous, blaring, clamorous, guttural. Aw, yea. Sub Pop hit the mark with this one. If you’ve been craving something with real edge, listen to this Toronto trio’s 11-track opus.
Right from the start, the opening track “Headache” sets the scene for something big, something massive in sonic scope. And for the next 30 minutes unrelenting riffs pound away and Alex Edkins’ throaty, screaming vocals escalate through a fuzz of effects and Hayden Menzies’ percussive onslaught. Throughout the entire duration of the album METZ don’t let up on energy; when it seems as though they’ve reached their max, they haven’t. Even more violent spasms and outbursts await just around the corner, such as on “Sad Pricks” and “Negative Space,” the latter of which was brought back from their 2011 pre-Sup Pop demo.
Album’s this loud and fiercely noisy are rarely released from indie labels as prominent as Sup Pop; and next to their label brethren, METZ are easily differentiated, standing out with a sound that is brazenly raw, musically daring, and some might even say, unpretentious.