E-MUTE Too Proud to Say Loud

London-based alternative rock quartet, E-MUTE, are set to release their debut EP Too Proud to Say Loud this November. Individually, the band’s members already have impressive resumes, some of which feature collaborations with a surprisingly diverse set of artists, including ChakaKhan, Scott James of Stereophonics, Moby and others. Collectively, they’ve joined forces to create a sound with a harder edge than you might expect after reading that list of artists. You’ll run into guitar and vocal moments, such as on “Flying,” that bring to mind desert rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age, and even post-grunge era groups like Velvet Revolver – and this is just one small facet of E-MUTE’s sound. “Clock Moves Forward” delivers dark, dancey rock evocative of Muse and Franz Ferdinand, and throughout the EP, you’ll find traces of electronic music influences. Whatever genres they touch on, if you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands, you might just be smitten by E-MUTE.