Savages “Husbands” Single – An Aural Assault on Domestic Life?

For post-punk fans, this single may remind you of a lot of things. However, there is no denying the incredible talent of the all female British rock group Savages. “Husbands” is gritty and tense, like a fed up housewife who’s ready to break some sh*t. It will remind you of other bands, ranging from the Rapture to Romeo Void and Siouxsie & the Banshees, and it will do so in a good way.
The band’s sound is so true to its 80’s post-punk roots, but it’s also incredibly fresh sounding. Their ferocity and raw songwriting ability make other bands inspired by the same decade of music seem creatively timid in comparison. Savages’ re-imagining of the genre slices through the hipster fluff with bass lines that tilt in a Talking Heads direction, raucous guitar riffs and vocals that have a striking immediacy. Savages currently have a live EP titled I Am Here available for purchase through their label, Pop Noire Records, and their single Husbands/Flying to Berlin is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.