Before the Full-Length: Hear Soft Whiteout, Negative Space & More from Metz

Metz – This Toronto based trio has a massive sound. Even predating the release of their inaugural full-length album – which debuted Oct 9th – Metz was pumping out jaw-droppingly noisy tracks. If personified, the sound would probably resemble a gargantuan giant that could crush cities with the slightest movement. And the sound devours; a fuzz backdrop of distorted guitars, screeching riffs and screaming vocals will envelope you.

Anyone who likes heavy noise rock needs to listen to some old Metz. If you’ve never heard of them before, these songs will give you a starting framework from which you can assess their full-length. The band’s upcoming self-titled release feels ever so slightly more refined and arranged than their earlier material, and you’ll hear that when you compare these songs to tracks like “Wet Blanket” off their new album.
There is so much pop coming out of indie labels these days. It’s definitely not a bad thing, it’s just that when you stumble upon bands that make loud, noisy, exciting rock, it’s incredibly refreshing. There is no doubt that listeners will be shocked and awed by past and future releases from this band.